Artist: Cédric Le Borgne

Client: Shui On Land

Years: 2019

Location: Shanghai

Brand: KIC

Title: Light Sculpture


Cédric Le Borgne, French artist renown for his lighted chicken wire sculpture, recreated his classic work — Papillon for KIC. The two sculptures of 3,5 meters high were officially landed in Shanghai on March 8, 2019. As the exclusive agent of the artist in China, POE was responsible for the whole project, involving coordination, production and construction. 


The huge butterfly sculptures arouse people's yearning for nature. By creating the artwork, the artist hopes to regain a form of equality among the existing species, maintain people's curiosity and arouse people's awareness of biodiversity conservation.


Additionally, the butterflies hatch from the chrysalis, unfold their wings and begin to fly. The process of the breeding of life and mutation imply the incubation and growth of innumerable innovative projects in the KIC.