teamLab Crystal Fireworks

Artist: teamLab

Client: Shui On Land

Years: 2017 - 2019

Location: Shanghai, Foshan, Wuhan

Brand: Shui On Land

Title: China Tour

Project Introduction:

In November 2017, teamLab finally brought “teamLab Crystal Fireworks”- their first large outdoor art installation in China - to Rui Hong the Moon. The founder of teamLab, Toshiyuki INOKO participated in the on-site creation. The art installation was 14  meters high, and created by three-dimensional LED technology which created 30 independent fireworks effects that demonstrated vivid “fireworks” effects, with powerful and stunning visual impression. Participants could connect the installation with their mobile devices and choose their favorite effects.


Through over one year of preliminary planning and three months of communication and installation by POE team, the teamLab Crystal  Fireworks was finally presented perfectly to the public, and attracted a large amount of visitors with praises.

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